Bill Hagerty’s Alternative Facts on China

Bill Hagerty’s Alternative Facts on China

NASHVILLE – U.S. Senate candidate Bill Hagerty, released a “tough on China” ad today. In an abrupt about-face from his time at the helm of Tennessee’s Department of Economic and Community Development (ECD), where he made Tennessee the state most economically dependent on China, Hagerty now claims he “wants to hit China where it hurts.” This is Hagerty’s second attempt to rewrite economic history, and the facts paint a very different picture. 

“Bill Hagerty’s ‘tough talk’ on China isn’t enough to rewrite his record of making Tennessee the state most dependent on Chinese trade,” said decorated Iraq war combat veteran James Mackler, a Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate. “Tennessee can’t afford to send another rubber stamp to the Senate and that’s exactly what Bill Hagerty has pledged to be. I’m a combat veteran stepping forward to serve in a crisis that Bill Hagerty’s special-interest agenda has created, and made worse, for all Tennesseans.”


CLAIM: “We need to bring our manufacturing jobs home and get back to ‘Made in the USA.’” 

FACT: Hagerty is claiming he will bring back the same supply chain his ECD shipped overseas

CLAIM: “Hagerty and Trump will rebuild our economy.”

FACT: Hagerty has advocated for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s deeply unpopular opinion that states and cities suffering economically from the COVID-19 pandemic should consider “the bankruptcy route”, which financial analysts say “risks causing a depression.” 

CLAIM:I approve this message because together we will get Americans back to work.”

FACT: Tennessee led the nation in minimum wage workers while Hagerty was at ECD, and Hagerty recently held a fundraiser featuring his fellow White House COVID Task Force member Art Laffer, who has called minimum wage the “black teenage unemployment act.”