Out & About Nashville Voting Guide, Plus Endorsements

Out & About Nashville Voting Guide, Plus Endorsements

By James Grady

Out & About Nashville

July 23, 2020

Heading into the local primaries of the 2020 elections, we at O&AN took a look at some of the competitive races. As always we hope that citizens will research all candidates and their positions and come to their own decisions. But, based on our own research and positions, we endorse James Mackler for United States Senate, Sara Kyle for Tennessee Senate, and Brandon Thomas, Mike Stewart, Vincent Dixie, Darren Jernigan, and Torrey Harris for the Tennessee House of Representatives. We have highlighted other races where we believe serious consideration is due. For instance, while the majority of our staff will be voting for Jim Cooper for US House District 5, we believe Keeda Haynes warrants deserves consideration for her progressive platform.

United States Senate

James Mackler has built a strong reputation as a candidate in previous cycles: and he has a campaign war chest to take an honest swipe at the job. As a veteran and family man, he can appeal to key demographics in the Tennessee electorate. Yet, on important social issues, Mackler is a true ally. If you’ve been at Pride in the past few years, you’ve seen him there, even if you didn’t realize it.