As Bill Hagerty Claims to Be a Job Creator,  Facts Paint a Different Picture

As Bill Hagerty Claims to Be a Job Creator, Facts Paint a Different Picture

For Immediate Release: Friday, June 12, 2020

NASHVILLE – U.S. Senate candidate Bill Hagerty, released an ad today touting his history of economic success in Tennessee. A deeper dive into his claims and track record as the former head of Tennessee’s Department of Economic and Community Development (ECD) paints a different picture — one where Hagerty incentivized businesses at the expense of workers and made the Volunteer State economically dependent on China.

CLAIM: “Hagerty led economic development in Tennessee, making our economy one of the strongest in America.”

FACT: During Hagerty’s ECD tenure, Tennessee became the “top China trader,” or stated differently, Hagerty made Tennessee the “most dependent state in America for trade with China.” Hagerty’s ECD record is why Tennessee’s economy was the hardest hit in the entire country by Trump’s trade war of choice

The literature Hagerty cites as proof of his success heading the department, cites an anonymous CEO who remarked, “in Tennessee, a right-to-work state, the factors listed above are all good for manufacturing as well as high tech, especially in the Nashville area.” The factors listed above include the state’s higher-than-national unemployment rate and the state-local tax burden. In other words, Hagerty fostered an economic environment that favored businesses at the expense of Tennessee workers. 

CLAIM: That’s why president Trump put Hagerty on his advisory board to rebuild America’s economy. 

FACT: Hagerty is the lone member of the White House COVID Task Force seeking elected office and was put there to rubber stamp whatever he was told to rubber stamp — which is why he’s already received more than $30,000 in checks from corporate PACs and individuals he’s supposed to be working alongside to aid the nation’s pandemic recovery. One of those donors, Art Laffer, has called minimum wage the “black teenage unemployment act.” 

CLAIM: Bill Hagerty will fight to bring manufacturing jobs back from China, while cutting taxes for small businesses and workers.

Endorsed by President Trump, Bill Hagerty is the proven job creator.

FACT: Hagerty is claiming he will fight to bring back the same supply chain his ECD shipped overseas

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FACT: “Tennessee economic chief Bill Hagerty stepping down.Chattanooga Times Free Press, 11/12/14.