Army Veteran James Mackler sets himself apart from political norm in U.S. Senate campaign

In the years following the attack on the Twin Towers, over 2.7M brave Americans enlisted and were deployed overseas during our country’s time of war. Among those brave service members was a young attorney named James Mackler.

Rather than focusing on his growing career and leaving the fight to others, this young patriot felt a calling to do more. He joined the Army, learned to fly helicopters, and completed dozens of combat missions in Iraq. When his combat tour ended, he re-committed his oath to this nation by joining the JAG Corps, the military’s court system.

After having served on the front lines of a war zone, James is ready to fight for our state in a different way. This brave veteran has the ability to transcend party lines and work for the betterment of all Tennesseans– regardless of what party they belong to. James Mackler is the candidate our state needs. He is the candidate that can bridge our state’s political divide and make sure all voices are represented. As a soldier, an engaged voter, and more importantly, a Tennessean, I have faith that James Mackler is the candidate that will drive our state forward.

Mackler stands out from political norm

Politicians in our country can generally be classified into three categories. The largest group are the career politicians. They join the political realm with the intent to do good but see their elected office as a career. The second are the narcissists. An inflated sense of self leads to legislative decisions that prioritize their own personal growth, while often ignoring the will of their constituencies.

While there are genuinely compassionate and driven politicians who want to make a selfless difference, their like are few and far between. These politicians make up the smallest category– the group that inspires hope and instills change rooted in equity. These politicians regard themselves as a champion of the people– a position where they can amplify the voices of the downtrodden and bring about change that improves their communities.

Mackler puts his morals first

These politicians believe in the uniqueness of Americanism and are willing to make whatever sacrifice necessary to ensure the success of this state. The young Blackhawk pilot from Nashville has proven his loyalty to the principles that make us uniquely American. He signed over a blank check to both you and me, redeemable to up to his life, all in the name of this nation and what it stands for.

We need more politicians who are willing to place this state over their own personal ambitions. We need more politicians who are willing to have tough conversations and make the difficult decisions not because they’re easy, but because it’s the right thing to do.

Let’s look into ourselves to find our state’s next Senator. Let us not look to political parties to shape our opinions or go along with the status quo. James has already shown that he is willing to risk it all for our nation, and I am sure he will do the same for our state. Support the candidate who placed his life on the line for our nation’s success, and our state will be better for it.

Malick Gaye directs the legislative office of Senator Katrina Robinson. Learn more about James at: https://www.jamesmackler.com