James Mackler Reacts to COVID-19 Exposure  at Hamilton County GOP Lincoln Day Dinner

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U.S. Senate candidate Bill Hagerty, the former Ambassador to Japan, has repeatedly misled news outlets regarding when exactly he resigned his post after President Trump tweet-launched Hagerty’s U.S. Senate campaign on July 12, 2019. Hagerty most recently claimed he launched his campaign four days later in the New York Times, and in February told Tennessee’s Covington Leader he “served in that capacity until last June, when he resigned in order to run for office.”

With just 37 hours until polls close in primaries for Tennessee’s open U.S. Senate seat, the GOP Primary, which has been dubbed by Politico as “the nastiest” in the country, has taken a dark turn towards the fringes as Dr. Manny Sethi got a boost from QAnon after prescribing the president fire Dr. Fauci, while Bill Hagerty has signaled his support for antigovernment militias, posing for a photo with a supporter wearing a Three Percenters t-shirt (available for purchase on their website)

“Outsourcing jobs to private contracting companies well known for offshoring operations, during a pandemic that has already taken more than 50 million American jobs, is wrong and undermines the mission of TVA to ‘make life better for the people of the Tennessee Valley.’ I support the president’s decision to do something about it. In the Senate, I’ll seek to serve on the Environment & Public Works Committee, which oversees TVA, as it’s critical Tennesseans have a voice in all discussions about an agency that is and has been so essential to our state.”