Chattanooga Times Free Press: Sohn: James Mackler is the best senate pick now and in November


“At this moment, in so many ways, Washington is failing Tennessee,” Mackler said. “We lead the nation in closed rural hospitals per person, opioids continue to ravage our communities (and) there’s no national solution, the trade war hurt our economy more than any other state and you add in COVID-19 and you can see a perfect storm across Tennessee. People want change.”

With early voting for the August primary set to begin in just a week, the contrast in the race for Tennessee’s open U.S. Senate seat continues to offer contrasts between an Iraq war combat veteran stepping forward to serve in a crisis, and an expensive white hot race to the bottom primary that now has the likely Republican nominee offering to put Trump’s face on Mount Rushmore to get elected.

Bill Hagerty’s first statement posted on social media on the Fourth of July advocated for elevating Donald Trump’s likeness atop Mount Rushmore alongside George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln.