NASHVILLE – U.S. Senate candidate Bill Hagerty has wholly adopted Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s deeply unpopular opinion that states and cities suffering economically from the COVID-19 pandemic should consider “the bankruptcy route” in a recent op-ed published in the conservative Tennessee Star. Recent polling shows Hagerty’s opinion runs counter to 74% of all voters […]

U.S. Senate candidate Bill Hagerty cashed in a few Brownie points this past week, that he earned doing exactly what his special interest bankrollers have told him to do, landing his campaign more than $200,000 from Corporate PACs, more than $30,000 from fellow members of the White House COVID-19 Economic Recovery Group, $10,000 from insider-trading U.S. Senator David Perdue who cashed in casino shares and bought Netflix and PPE stocks following a classified pandemic briefing, and White House Economic Advisor Larry “nearly airtight” Kudlow participating in a behind-closed-doors campaign conference call during an economic meltdown. 

U.S. Senate candidate Bill Hagerty, a so-called “thought leader” and lone member of the White House’s COVID-19 Economic Recovery Group seeking elected office, has already received $13,500 in Corporate PAC checks from six corporations and $16,800 more from individuals from the group assembled by President Trump to “chart the path forward toward a future of unparalleled American prosperity.”

South Pittsburg, TN – Adjusting to the current season of social distancing, James Mackler teleconferenced for an exclusive interview with Marion County News following one of his digital Town Halls. Mackler is vying to replace retiring Senator Lamar Alexander. The Army veteran and prosecutor has a focused number of issues that he feels warrants a change in the nation’s capital and holds a premium on ‘servant leadership.’