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July 28, 2017 Dwayne Page, WJLE Nashville attorney and former Army helicopter pilot James Mackler says he is running for the Democratic nomination to represent Tennessee in the U.S. Senate. Mackler, who spoke at the DeKalb County Democratic Party potluck dinner Thursday evening at the high school, said he wants to challenge incumbent Republican Senator Bob […]

NASHVILLE – James Mackler’s U.S. Senate campaign issued the following statement reacting to Senator Corker’s vote today and his rapidly evolving healthcare policy positions. Amid confusion earlier this week on what Senators were being asked to vote on, Senator Corker told reporters “I’ll move to proceed anything that Mitch [McConnell] wants to proceed to.” “Earlier […]

NASHVILLE – According to the Tennessean, U.S. Senator Bob Corker (R-TN) now supports a bill that nonpartisan analysts appointed by the Republican party say will increase insurance premiums by 100% and strip 32 million people of their insurance coverage. “Corker’s announcement represents a change of heart for the senator, who in the past had expressed […]